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Be aware of your surroundings
Report suspicious activity
The following numbers can be used to report incidents.
Fairfax non-emergency number - 703-691-2131

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Neighborhood Notes



On March 1, 2018, South Kings Station HOA transitioned from management by Gates Hudson to Cardinal Management Group, Inc.   The board began the search for a new management company in  early summer of 2017 by writing an RFP for essential services.  The RFP was then sent to seven potential management companies.  Board members identified two management companies to interview.  Cardinal Management was the finalist and they presented a contract which was reviewed by our HOA attorney Michael Gartner.  The one-year contract was approved by all board members in January 2018. 



James Hawkins, SKS community manager, will begin the inspection of townhouses no later than the first week of June 2018.  Residents were sent a letter which provided information on our community’s rules and regulations regarding what could potentially be identified as violations during this inspection.  The most common architectural violations that have been cited for non-compliance in the past are maintenance of roof flues, roof ventilation fan, exterior wood trim, front doors, storm doors, aluminum siding, concrete sidewalks, front entry metal hand railings, and rear and side yard fencing. 



 Early this year, SKS board members approved the establishment of a Finance Committee.  Three residents volunteered to serve on this new committee and have begun reviewing the monthly financial statements from Cardinal Management as well as reconciling the monthly bank statements.    Many thanks to Holly Prousalis, Finance Committee Chair, Lloyd Bittinger and Nate Dowd.



The Landscape Committee is currently inactive.  Volunteers are needed to routinely walk the common grounds to identify areas that need maintenance and to suggest projects that would enhance the curb appeal of our community.  Whether you are an owner or tenant, please consider volunteering.  Contact James Hawkins, SKS community manager, at 703-565-0042 for more information.



Board members are seeking suggestions from residents to help resolve the mis-use of the visitor parking spots, especially the spots on Kings Stations Court.  Each townhouse is assigned two reserved parking spaces.  Additional vehicles in a household must park on South Kings Highway in the public parking area.  Too often, residents use visitor parking spots for third and fourth household vehicles.   Please submit your suggestions to James Hawkins, SKS community manager, j.hawkins@cardinalmanagementgroup.com.


IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.  Residents who walk along the South Kings Station woodland trail between Brick Hearth Court and Chimney Wood Court are noticing suspicious activity by individuals who appear to be non-residents.

If you notice anyone on the woodland that appears to be involved in suspicious activity, please

Notify Fairfax County Police by calling:

non-emergency number 703-961-2131

Fairfax County Police have written permission from the SKS board to come onto our community property to investigate suspicious activity and arrest, if necessary.



Our community has a significant pet population and we need to ensure that all pet owners are aware of the Fairfax County leash laws and the SKS community rules.  All animals must be on leash while on SKS property which includes the woodland trail.    Also, make sure you curb your pet and always pick up waste and dispose of properly once you are back home.


South Kings Station HOA

Guidelines for Management of

Garbage and Recyclables


1.  Garbage and recyclables are collected

 by Fairfax County every Tuesday morning. 

Containers must be put at the curb no later

than 6 a.m. Tuesday or they can be put at

the curb the evening before pickup.


2. Garbage and recyclables containers must

be returned to rear yards no later than

Wednesday morning following Fairfax County

pickup on Tuesday morning.


3.  All garbage and recyclables containers must

have the house address number affixed to lids.


4.  Special Collections (FREE) request is required for

items too large or heavy (i.e. furniture

appliances, rocks, bricks) for standard collection

by Fairfax County.  For special collections pickup,

call Fairfax County Solid Waste Management at

703-802-3322. Request can also be made on-line.


5.  Yard Waste (grass, leaves, brush) must be put

in bags and placed at the curb by 6 a.m. Tuesdays.

Yard waste can also be tied in bundles no longer

than four feet with each weighing no more than

50 pounds.


6.  Household Hazardous Waste or Electronics

must be taken by residents to either the Fairfax

County Solid Waste facility in Fairfax or in Lorton.


Thank you for doing your part to

maintain the great curb appeal

of our community!


Penn Daw Project
Posted on Mar 1st, 2018
Penn Daw Plaza has already started its Residential/Retail renovation.
UPDATE (Jan, 2018) --> Aldi will be the South Alex grocer
Here is a 180 page document that outlines
Revitalization of Route 1
Posted on Jan 31st, 2016
Coming to Route 1 -> Click Here

Upcoming Events
HOA Bi-Monthly Meeting
Thursday, April 16, 2020
   Groveton Baptist Church
   6511 Richmond Hwy
   Alexandria, VA 22306
   Entrance B
   Room 258
  7:00p.m. - Sign In
  7:15p.m. - Meeting Begins
HOA Bi-Monthly Meeting
Thursday, June 18, 2020
   Groveton Baptist Church
   6511 Richmond Hwy
   Alexandria, VA 22306
   Entrance B
   Room 258
  7:00p.m. - Sign In
  7:15p.m. - Meeting Begins

Litter Cleanup
Litter Pickup along South Kings Highway
by Litter Check (Litter Cleanup Service)
The 2019-20 contract with Litter Check for litter pick-up along South Kings Highway and the woodland trail was approved in April 2019 by a majority board vote. Litter Check will remove and haul off all ordinary litter such as cans, bottles, food packaging, broken glass.  Litter pick up does not include hazardous waste, dead animals, pet waste, rocks, sand, gravel salt or de-icing agents, leaves, grass clippings, tree limbs, or branches, or construction debris. 
Here is the pick-up schedule:
South Kings Highway between Chimney Wood Court and Brick Hearth Court:
May 2019 - August 2019 - biweekly
September 2019 - April 2020 - one time per month
Woodland Trail from Furman Lane picnic area at Kings Gardens Apartments and Brick Hearth Court
(10 feet on either side of trail):
May 2019 - April 2020 - one time per month

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