Leaf Removal
As the weather changes and the leaves begin to drop one of the most common questions the HOA always gets is, when are the landscapers going to remove the leaves.
The HOA has 2 leaf removals per year.
This usually happens around the second week of November and the second week of December.
Here is information for the landscape company about the process.
As we enter the final months of the landscape management season, We are in the process of scheduling leaf removal services. This process is almost entirely dependent upon weather - past, present and future.  The typical breezes and rain in the coming weeks will help with leaf drop this Fall, but of course too much rain will slow our leaf collection process, as will any excessive wind. Because of these factors, it is nearly impossible to accurately predict scheduled leaf removal for each client.  
Generally we plan a week-at-a-time based upon the rate of leaf drop in each of the communities under contract and the number of visits contracted by each client. We can usually advise clients when they are approximately one week from being scheduled, however specific dates are difficult to determine too far in advance because there are times when the crews may be ahead or behind the projected schedule, resulting in last-minute changes. 
Leaf removal is the noisiest and messiest job a landscape company performs all year. Blowing leaves creates dust which, along with the leaves, can get onto vehicles. When finishing the leaf removal in each area, the crews carefully blow around, under and between any vehicles in the parking areas. Our workers make every effort to avoid leaving dust and leaves on parked vehicles however, residents specifically concerned about their vehicles should plan to move them during the time we are working in their specific area. 
During leaf removal operations, crews will blow leaves into piles in the streets and drive lanes (not blocking an entire lane, just on the edges), which are then removed by vacuum truck. We understand that this occasionally creates an inconvenience to residents while we are working in the community and every effort is made to minimize the length of time any piles remain in these areas.There are times where the actual process of removing leaves is complete from the turf areas, yet piles of leaves are still on islands, or on the edge of drive lanes. Please know this is due to the truck having to go and dump the hopper which is full of leaves. Its’ vary rare we will leave any piles of leaves on site overnight.  The truck will return to pick up what is left. In some cases, it could be at dark while we work to vacuum up the leaves.
While our crews try to be mindful of activity around them while they are working, please use extra care when walking or driving near our equipment. I would also like to ask that children be kept away from the trucks, equipment and leaf piles.