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Breed: Tuxedo
Color: Black and white

Indoor, black and white cat with a sailboat on her nose! She likes to bully her sister, Danica, out of her food. We've nicknamed her "Fatty Fatty No Friends." That being said, she gives what we lovingly call the biggest "Moon Eyes" we've ever seen!

Danica (Dani)

Breed: American Shorthair
Color: Tortoise shell with white belly

Indoor cat, who is a dog that chases her tail. Dani's a character with colors to match. She has a tortoise shell looking back and white belly and paws. She has a small tan spot by her nose, took me forever to figure out it was supposed to be there!


Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Color: White

White with black tail and black spots on body and head


Breed: tabby
Color: Brown and black stripes

A sweet indoor kitty whose favorite activities include looking out of the window and shutting the toilet seat.